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Call for nominations for the Parkin Prize Lecture

The YCG are always keen to hear about new approaches to public engagement! The Parkin lecture is held annually at the YCG satellite meeting to recognise the scientific and outreach achievements of the late Dr Andrew Parkin. This prize lecture is awarded to a Young Crystallographer who has been recognised for outstanding contributions to promoting science, raising public awareness of science, teaching crystallography/science or showing originality in outreach and teaching activities.

If you are, or know an early career researcher that has been actively involved in developing and delivering teaching or public engagement activities then please consider nominating them for the Parkin Prize Lecture (self-nominations are welcome too!).

Friday 28st of January 2022 is the deadline for nominations by peers, supervisors, or self-nomination. If you are, or know someone who is deserving of this award, please come forward! Further details and the nomination form can be found here.

Please send your nominations to [email protected].

Cow Unveiling – 14 March 2007
Andrew Parkin (far left) and Prof. Anne Glover, the Chief Scientific Advisor for Scotland, who spoke about the impact of initiatives such as ScotCHEM as well as the importance of getting the message about the importance – and fun! – of Chemistry to a wide audience.

Pint of Science: Uniting Scientists and the Public Over a Pint

Science communication is a difficult but vital part of engaging the public in science and technology, and in ensuring continuing public support for scientific research, university education and research council funding via the taxpayer. That said, it can be hard to know how to engage the public in your research, or for the interested public to know where to go to be engaged. One international science festival has a unique and brilliant solution: the scientists take their research to the pub.

Natalie Tatum – BCG Representative